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Repository of AS/400 companies 


The AS/400 Developer's Black Book is a repository of AS/400 companies located in North America. The collection is an on AS400 companies going process that started eight years ago and has grown to over 500+ companies mostly located in the Heart of Texas.

Information retained in the Black Book is displayed in a tabular form showing Company Name, Contact Name, City, State, Company Phone# and a link if provided to the company's Home URL. A sample screen shot and available features of the Developer's Black Book is shown below.


  • All columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading, an up/down arrow will indicate the sort direction -ascending or descending.

  • Special contact notes related to the company can be viewed by clicking on the check mark in the first column. Related notes will display at the bottom of the table.

  • Navigating through the 500+ AS/400 contact names is accomplished by selecting the right/left arrows located at the bottom right of the table. To immediately return to the beginning of the table select the Table of Contents, TOC, located between the left/right arrows.

  • Click on a company name to display the company's home URL.

  • Position/Search database by company name.

The only requirement to use the AS400 Black Book is that you take a few seconds to register and become a free member of JM Solutions.

I am already registered, take me to the AS/400 Developers Black Book!

Screen Shot

The AS/400 Developer's Black Book - brought to you by JM Solutions
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AS/400 companies located in North America

AS/400 companies located in North America 

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