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Live Report Traffic Jam - Houston area

iPhone Website is designed exclusively for both the Treo 650 and the new iPhone AND IpOD. Vist the website to receive the latest news for all freeway traffic jams in the Houston area. View live cam and incidents reports 24/7 harvest from Houston Transtar - one of the nationís best internet destinations for providing travelers with the most useful and up-to-date information on road and traffic conditions.


Treo 650 Website
New "Live Report Traffic Jam" website exclusively for Treo 650 fans!



iPhone website
Website is designed exclusively for iPhone.


JM Solutions Website Development
Data Base Support web sites that rock for Small Business. To keep cost down for ourselves and our customer we support only Open Source Initiative such as Apache Server, PHP4, and mySQL for web development.

Software solutions continue to Rock at JM Solutions...

  • JMS customers Web Site Statistic are now available using your assigned User ID and Password. If you have not received your login information please give us a call at 713.784.3870.

  • Support for Embedding Search Engine to integrate with your JMS Web site is available upon request, at no extra charge! We will also be notifying all customers by e-mail.

  • E-Mail Support for your domain name such as Name@myDomain.com is free of charge for JMS customers. We also have Web Base e-mail support allowing you to access your mail from anywhere in with an internet connection.

  • FTP Support is avaliable for upload/download.

Job Search Utilities

Job Crawler
Automated job search facility designed to help locate and manage job opportunities posted on the internet job boards. Job Crawler 2.36 is now available on two servers for download. Free registration for JMS customers.

AS/400 Black Book
Developer's Black Book is a repository of AS/400 companies located in Heart of Texas.

Development Tips

Apache mod_ssl & OpenSSL
How to set up the Apache server under Win32 with SSL support.

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Software Development

Job Search Utilities
Job Crawler     Free Download!

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Software Developer:

Websites, i5/OS RPG IV ILE, DB2 SQL, PHP5, mySql and Visual Basic


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