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Automated Job Search Facility
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Job Crawler 2.36 Fight Back

Job Crawler, the long awaited Automated Job Search Facility finally made its debut. A new exciting method to locate job opportunities posted on the Web. Take control of your job search while eliminating the frustration of learning and adopting to various formats, presentation and procedures.

There is only one standard format and search commands to learn. Visit all the selected sites and purge the information into one centralized location. Audit, track, manage and save real job opportunities posted on the web.
A new exciting method to locate job opportunities
posted on the Web

A recent study has shown that Job Hunting using the internet surpassed on-line banking, on-line shopping and music downloading for Canadians. Research conducted by internet consultancy Ipsos-Reid, showed 50 % of Canadians have view job postings on-line using the internet. "Job-hunters flock to the Web"

For those that responded to the survey
  • 80% Looked mainly at job-posting Web Sites

  • 62% using the Internet as a job-hunting tool have also researched a prospective company on-line

  • 62% have used e-mail to send a resume

  • 39% searched for jobs while at work

Expose Deceptive Job Postings

  • Color code display to quickly identify scam agencies posting fraudulent job opportunities on the popular job boards.

  • Automate tracking of pre-defined real hiring companies that are flagged by the system or based on your selection.

  • Quickly identify real job openings posted by different agencies for the same company.

  • Flag agencies who continue to post the same job month after month, -add them to your Black List.

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Automated Job Search Facility - Job Crawler v2.36 Automated Job Search Facility

Advance Features

  • Respond to hundreds of job openings with a click of a mouse.

  • Automatically attach your real or alias resume and cover letter to your e-mail response.

  • Automatically attach your resume and cover letter to your e-mail response.

  • Support up to 3 sets of 4 various resume, cover letters and e-mail body for a maximum of 12 different formats based on job requirements.

  • Resume, cover letters and e-mail body automatically updated based on job requirements and pre-defined set-ups established by you.

  • Summary display showing total statistic based on all categories such as Sent, Contracts, FTE, State, City, Agencies...

  • Notes Field to track reminders, replies and progress for each job posting.

  • Advance Search Facility allows specific search criteria to be included or omitted.

  • Supports Microsoft Drag and Drop features.

  • Flag and/or purge unreferenced job links over a period of time.

  • Save and share your search results by establishing your own network of leads among friends with FTP server host support.

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