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mod_ssl and OpenSSL

OpenSSL for Win32 using Apache
Apache 2.0.59 & OpenSSL 0.9.8b (installed on Aug, 19 2006)

Old Appache HTTP Archive at http://archive.apache.org/dist/httpd/

This page will describe the required software and tools to get Secure Sockets Layer, SSL, up and running under Windows 2000 using the Apache server. Before we proceed to the following page make sure you have downloaded the required software. The only assumption made is that the Apache 2.0.59 is already installed and running with out SSL support.

Some of this document is a repeat of easily obtain documents found on the web with additional information found through experience. Regardless, this document exist mainly for myself (and you) because there is no guarantee the existing website documents will be around in the near future. In addition, setting up a server, for me, is a one time process. I set it up, forget it and move on to development and that is exactly what will happen - I will forget it. This page will be a valuable tool for reinstalling the server...with SSL support.

In summary, you will learn how to:

  • Create Certificates & Keys using OpenSSL

  • Modify Apache Server to work with mod_ssl

  • Modify both configuration files, httpd.conf & ssl.conf, to accept SSL support.

NOTE: Apache.org does NOT provide a binary distibution of the server with SSL support due to legal restrictions. In some parts of the world the use of software containing strong cryptography is illegal. What this means is that we are missing a specific module, mod_ssl.so, when we download the binary version.


You should already have the Apache 2.0.59 server up and running.

NOTE: For this deployment of Apache 2.0.59 I used Apache binaries (Apache_2.0.59-Openssl_0.9.8b-Win32.zip) from Hunter's download site, instead of the download from Apache linked above.

Before we proceed to the following page make sure you have downloaded the required files.

   Download-1 Apache module-mod_ssl.so
       (extracted from Hunters Apache_2.0.59-Openssl_0.9.8b-Win32 download)

   Download-2 Apache dll files (ssleay32.dll & libeay32.dll)
       (extracted from Hunters Apache_2.0.59-Openssl_0.9.8b-Win32 download)

   Download-3 Apache ssl.conf file
       (extracted from Hunters Apache_2.0.59-Openssl_0.9.8b-Win32 download)

   Download-4 OpenSSL toolkit for Win32

   Download-5 OpenSSL configuation file

Please drop an e-mail with your suggestions, problems or bug report.


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