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Treo PDA

By Multiple, Type Roads
After selecting option-4 from the main menu you will be presented with several options to choose from to display the live cams located in various sections of the freeway.

You will have the option to selected individual cams 'by' a specific location or multiple cams by specific area.

You also have the option to display the 'type' of cam. In addition to displaying the current road conditions you may select to show the current road side signs positioned at various locations on the freeway.

Live Cam Report

Select a Roadway
Selecting "by Multiple" and "Type Roads" will display the roadway selection screen. From here you may select a specific roadway or you may select to display "*All" roadways.

Please note that it may take considerable time, depending on your wireless connection, if you select "*All" cams to be display.

In this example we will select IH-45 Gulf

Live Cam Report

Cam Report for IH-45 Gulf
Selecting IH-45 Gulf from the roadway menu will display all available cams position along the 45 Gulf freeway.

Double click an image to view a larger size. As you can see in the images there is very little traffic on the freeway.

You will find at times that some of the cams are not functional and may require maintenance such as the first image located in the second row.

Live Cam Report

45 Gulf and Broadway
From the "Live Cam Report" menu we selected to display the large image of the cam position near the 45 Gulf freeway and Broadway.

To the right of the image you can see the freeway roadsign which currently has nothing to display.

Our next topic "Road Signs" will show how to display these various road signs stationed along the freeway.

Live Cam Report


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