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AS/400 RPG IV ILE DB2 Development



As an independent contractor or full time employee, provides unique and rapid development of software solutions for small and large business projects, at a rate small companies can afford.

I am positioned to offer a bill rate 30+ percent lower than my competitors in North America! How is this possible? Think Direct! I eliminate the overhead by excluding the middle man who inflates my rate for the exact same service. This allows me to invoice your company the same rate I bill the recruiting/consulting firms, passing the savings to you.

Services and Solutions Summary

Addition to custom program development, JM Solutions provides a number of solutions designed to meet the different technical needs of your business such as "Web Aware Application", "Technical and User Documentation" and "Test Environment Deployment"

  • Software Development - AS/400 using RPG IV ILE.

  • DB2/400 Data Base Administration

  • Client/Server Web Aware/Enable Development

  • Technical and User Documentation

  • Test Environment Deployment

  • Software Conversion and Upgrades

  • Server Side Development using CGI, PHP4, MySQL, Apache and Visual Basic


If you or your company prefer to hire on a contract basics instead of Full Time Employment Benefits you will gain several advantages, some valid, some not so valid. The primary reasons for hiring contract workers like myself are listed below:

  • Accomplish a specific assignment, limited in duration and scope.

  • Obtain specialized skills and expertise not available within the company.

  • Avoid legal issues related to discriminatory hiring practices and wrongful discharge.

  • Minimize liability from workers' actions.

  • Avoid overhead of employee health benefits, retirement contributions, and profit sharing plans.

  • Avoid high costs of training employees.

  • Avoid involvement with labor unions.

  • Reduce payroll overhead for SSI, unemployment insurance, disability claims, and workers compensation.

  • Avoid having to withhold State and Federal taxes.

  • Simplify government paperwork and reporting requirements.

  • Avoid long-term employee commitment.

  • Reduce organizational impact of setting up and shutting down projects.

  • Facilitate transformation from traditional, vertically integrated organization to horizontally networked organization.

Supporting Role's

Client list As a contract developer or full time employee, I have performed multiple roles for the client's as a software developer, consultant, business analyst, DB2/400 DBA and project manager.

Business model and technology support at the client location include:

Business model

  • Financial

  • Telcom

  • Mortgage

  • Insurance

  • Oil/Gas

Technology Support

  • i5/OS RPG IV ILE

  • DB2 SQL Data Base Administrator

  • Visual Basic 6.0, C#, .net Framework

  • Apache, PHP5, MySQL, XML

  • Ruby, EGL, WDSC

Third Party Recruiters

Third party recruiting agencies welcome providing they read and agree to the Contractors Bill of Rights.


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