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Website Development - Open Source

Server Side Development

Software Development includes RPG IV ILE CGI programs using AS/400 HTTP API's, Visual Basic CGI and PHP4

Data Base Support includes ADO to help implement the set of COM to provide data access in VB programs. Additional support to help develop two-tier applications development technique includes MySQL, MSSQL, Stored procedures and MS Access as a front end tool for the PC and AS/400.

Configuation Support for Apache, PHP4, MySql, AS400 HTTP.

Client Side Development

XML used as a portable structured data format tool to implement and handle HTTP client requests transferring client history information to and from the AS/400

DHTML used to control dynamic display of HTML with emphasis on Cascading Style Sheet and element positioning for a cross-browser environment.

Java Applets Usage of Java ranges from implementing prompt screens and menu navigation designed as Applets imbedded in HTML. Both the AWT and Swing JFC components are used.

JavaScript is used on the job location as an addition to HTML. Several scripts were developed to enhance the HTML layout and provide menu navigation for the company.


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