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Website Development for Small Business
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Web Site Development

Located in Houston, Texas we provide unique and rapid development of software solutions for small business supporting the Houston area. Technology includes client and server side development and dynamic data base web site design. With over 20 years as a technical program developer JM Solutions can provide a cost effective solution for your business to succeed and expand on the internet.

Design is directed towards developing reliable web sites using Open Source Initiative for small business

Services and Solutions

Web Site Development Houston Texas

JM Solutions does NOT depend on selling or marketing web hosting and domain name registration. Service of expertise is directed only towards developing reliable SEO data base web sites using Open Source Initiative for small business using Apache Server, PHP4, MySql. Development cost and overhead is reduced by using OSI, saving you money.

If your business supports or would like to support the popular midrange AS/400 iSeries you will gain from my strong technical background, which includes over 18 years software development using RPG IV ILE, coupled with experience in DB2/400 Database Administration and client/server side development.

Our goal is to help you operate your Website Marketing Campaign with the least amount of overhead

In addition, support for your company will include VBA tools to develop program modules to interface with the AS/400 and/or MS components such as Word applications, Excel and Mail. All projects will also be complemented with technical and user documentation using MS WinHTML/Help, Visio, pdf and/or Word doc.

My goal is to help you operate you Website Marketing Campaign with the least amount of overhead. The cost to maintain this web page that you are reading is $15 month for host support and $10yr for the domain name using the following Open Source Initiative i.e. supports open and pragmatic software license


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