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FTP Support for WS_FTP LE

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WS_FTP LE Part 1 of 1

If you are already familiar with setting up accounts using a FTP client the following information is all you need.

Host Name/Address ftp.yourDomain.com
UserID : your assigned UserID
Password: *********

NOTE: FTP Support is provided as a convience to our customer. With a FTP connection you are able to download/upload data such as your website. To allow this capability there are several good packages on the market providing FTP connections from your computer to our server. The most popular FTP client is WS_FTP LE and CuteFTP. However, I do not like to support companies ranking in millions of dollars. I prefer to support the lone ranger and shareware versions of any product. I will recommend that you use several shareware version for FTP clients. My favorite SmartFTP. A try before you buy product that blows the lid off any current FTP client, for half the price.

If this is your first time setting up an ftp client you may review the following pictorial for setting up your account using - WS_FTP LE.

1. Start WS_FTP LE and select Connect button at the bottom left.

2. Select New to create a profile with information specific to connecting to our server.
You will be required to enter four pieces of information:

  • Profile Name: Enter any name to help you identify and later select this profile

  • Host Name/Address: ftp.jm-solutions.com

  • UserID: Enter enter your assigned used id, if you do not know it give us a call

  • UserID: Enter enter your assigned password, again if you do not know it give us a call

At this point you have completed all required information to connect to our server.
Press OK, WS_FTP LE will immediately begin to make a connection.

...enjoy your FTP'n!

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