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Website Statistic

Web Site Statistic

The dynamic on-line statistic report is powered by the Open Source Initiative including PHP4, mySQL and Apache. The database driven Website Statistic provides JMS Customers with detail report both in tabular and graph format of visitors that roam their sites. Various statistic are provided such as vistors by the month, week, day and hour. more...

Web Base E-Mail

Web Site Statistic

The webmail will allow JMS customers to read and send mail from any computer with an internet connection. The POP3/SMTP mail reader is powered by UebiMiau! or ArgoSoft.

The chose is yours. more...

Personal Search Engine

Web Site Statistic

A personal search engine designed to search your entire web site only based on a specific word or phrase. The search engine powered by AnalogX provides a user friendly interface that can search not only a keyword but can be customized to sort the results by date, file size or percentage. Also provided is the ability to select the number of search results per page. more...


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