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FAQ about Job Crawler


What is the main advantage of using Job Crawler, why not just go stright to the job board?

The data from multiple job boards is collected and stored in one central location. This will give you the advantage to view the whole picture. You have the ability to sort the data which will expose multiple agencies working the same opening. You can also isolate or color code specific agencies/companies of interest.

Will Job Crawler allow me to send e-mails to the selected job openings?

Yes, you can respond to any down loaded job description that has a valid e-mail address. Simply highlight the selection(s), right click and select "send e-mail".

What job boards does Job Crawler support?

The current version of Job Crawler 2.36 supports 6 job boards, Monster, Dice, Net-Temp, Flip Dog, Computer Jobs and Texas Jobs. Additional modules are currently in development.

Can I send attachments such as my resume and cover letter?

Yes, You have the option to select four resume and cover letters from three pre-set categories that you create. All attachments including the e-mail body have the ability to accept substitution variables provided from the job description.

What job boards does Job Crawler support?

Currently there are six supporting modules. Each component is tailored to parse data from Dice, Monster, Flip Dog, Net-Temp, Employment and Computer Jobs.

What is the new Auto Dial feature in version 2.36?

If you double click on the phone# from the "Workspace" section the Auto Dial will automatically dial the phone number.

Can I share this information with other users?

Yes, the program supports FTP host transfer to encourage job networking. You can up load data to an FTP server, allowing other users to down load the information. Normally you would want to do this when you have the company and hiring managers name and for some reason you are not qualified for the position.

How can I see the full job requirements, currently I see only the job description?

Double click on the job description will bring up the full job description and requirements. In addition, double clicking on the city or state will display the Map Quest location.

What is the Black List file?

Is a .mdb file that you set up with company names -usually agencies- that you want to omit or color code in your searches.


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