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New Treo 650 PDA Website

Treo 650

New "Live Report Traffic Jam" website exclusively for Treo 650 fans! Visit this website on your 650 to receive the latest news for all freeway traffic jams in the Houston area. You will be able to view live cam and incidents reports 24 hours a day. You can also use the live cam report to view the current weather conditions as it happens.

This dynamic website will harvest the data from Houston Transtar, which by the way, is a very impress site. They have received International Recognition and the "Federal Highway Administration has named the Houston TranStar Website one of the nationís best Internet destinations for providing travelers with the most useful and up-to-date information on road and traffic conditions.Blue Arrow."

Although Transtar supports displaying both large and small form factor websites they do not have the Treo in mind, they didnt take advantage of the Treo or any device supporting 320 x320 small form display. For example they do not display multiply live cam images in a matrix format but only one image at a time. Transtar is basically a generic websites supporting all cell phones or PDA's such as the Sony and Nokia.

The "Live Report Traffic Jam" was tested only on the Treo 650 using the Blazer browser. To take advantage of this website and increase your real estate on the Treo the website is formatted with the Blazers URL address turned off, hidden and set to "Normal View". Although I do not like recommending to the user how to set their screen preference on their browser I am making these two exception because we need to gain as much screen area as possible.

Lets begin a brief tour into the new "Live Report Traffic Jam" website using the Blazer browser with both the "URL address hidden" and in "Normal View."

Main Menu

If you want to skip this tour simply enter and bookmark the url http://www.lrtj.com on your Treo and experiment!

The main menu will display five options to select from.

1. Road Temperature
2. Air Temperature
3. Wind Direction
4. Live Freeway Cams
5. Time/Distance/Speed

Options 1-3 are interesting but are simply redirection to another website requiring you to scroll left and right. Nevertheless, the Blazer browser renders the site perfectly. For example, you can actually click on various sections of the temperature road surface map to display detailed information.

Options 4-5 will be discussed here and is tailored exclusively for the Treo 650. more...

Treo 650


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