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Provided free of charge is a dynamic Personal Search Engine embedded into your existing web site. Unlike the popular search engines such as Google your PSE provides search results retrieve from your web pages only.

Powered by AnalogX, the user friendly interface provides several options to display the results. You can customize the number of results to display per page and you can request the sort order such as by Percent, weight, date or file size.

Popular wildcards are accepted. For example you can specify that the search results returned must contain a word by using the '+' operator and that it must not contain a word by using the '-' operator. To search for the exact phrase enclose the search phrase with quotes, "".

The results are displayed similar to what you would find in the popular search engines today. Search results displayed for each URL address found include the following:

  • Diaplays match number first
  • Clickable link to the page
  • Description is extracted from the Meta tag Description
  • Last modified date
  • Page size
  • Match percent

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