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Treo PDA

Live Road Sign Report
Displaying the "Live Road Sign" report is similar to displaying the "Live Road Cam" report.

After selecting option-4 from the main menu you will be presented with several options to choose from to display the Road Sign Reporting located in various sections of the freeway.

You will have the option to selected individual cams 'by' a specific location or multiple cams by specific area.

In this example we will select "Multiply" and "Signs" to display the current live text of the freeway signs.

Live Cam Report

Select a Roadway
Selecting "by Multiple" and "Type Signs" will display the roadway selection screen. From here you may select a specific roadway or you may select to display "*All" roadways.

Please note that it may take considerable time, depending on your wireless connection, if you select "*All" cams to be display. In this example we will select I-610 North Loop.

Live Cam Report

Current Road Sign List
After selecting the above options we are presented with a live text report of the current road sign conditions. Here we see that the signs make reference to some type of "State Wide Fire Danger" warning currently in effect.

Click on an individual road sign to display a larger image In this example we will click on the Fulton road sign to display the large image.

Live Cam Report

Fulton Road Sign
At other time the signs may display a road incident on the freeway and/or constructions in addition to other various warnings.

Live Cam Report


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