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Website Development for Small Business


To establish a professional presence on the internet I will provide the following services.

  • Establish an internet connection

  • Purchase a domain name

  • Develop a web site

  • Register site with a search engine and Web Directory

Establish an Internet Connection by this I do not mean you have to have an ISP, Internet Service Provider, such as AOL or one of our local providers, LCONN or Chilitech. You can allow a Hosting Services host your web page. The advantage, you can supply your own domain name in addition to other services such as maintenance back up and running 24/7.
It is the responsibility of the website developer to design and create your website to attract search engines while at the same time promote your business.

Your Domain Name

Small and New Business should not have to pay thousand's of dollars to establish a presence on the internet. There are several options you can take to maintain your web site for marketing on a budget or promoting a grassroots marketing campaign on the internet. You can host your own site on your own computer or pay a monthly fee for a web hosting service. Your cheapest option is to host your own site providing you already have a DSL/Cable connection. However, a lot of Web Hosting services are poping up for less than $10.00 a month. In addition, Domain Names have dropped in price considerably over the last few years. Instead of using the name www.myCompany@aol.com you can purchase a name associated with your company - www.myCompany.com - for less than $10 a year!

Purchase a domain name would give your business a professional presence on the internet. Instead of www.myCompany@aol.com you will have www.myCompany.com. Domain names can be purchased from a registration services for as little as $10 a year or $20 for two years. I recall several years ago the price was in the hundreds! There's simply no reason not to purchase your own domain name. If you intend to host your own site you will need to translate the domain name to numbers (IP address) that the computer can understand. This process is performed by the DNS servers that are usually provided by your ISP or Web Hosting Service. However, what they wont tell you is that there are free DNS servers available such as ZoneEdit and GraniteCanyon.

Find out if your company domain name is available.
Enter your company name, myCompany.com (without the www) and press [Whois]. If it say "Your domain name is available" you can purchase the domain name for your company as a first step to start your internet presence.

Company's Web Page www.   Detail

Your Web Site

Developing a web site should not only attract customers but should also attract search engines. There are several major generals that should be taken seriously if you intend to promote your business on the web. A study conducted by Georgia Tech show that search engines are the most popular methods in which people discover websites. Basically, search engines account for 87% of website discovery.

It is the responsibility of the website developer to design and create your website to attract search engines while at the same time promote your business. Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) is a technique used in the early stages of development to ensure your page is ranked/positioned close to the top based on keyword search related to your website. To accomplish this developers should include several procedures such as Site Maps, Meta-tags, Keyword placement, link popularity and contents of the overall marketing strategy. There are also several procedures the developer should be aware of that will ban their website from the major generals. This may include Hidden Text, Bait and Switch, Keyword Stuffing and Cloaking. Take for example the search engine "FAST' which powers Lycos and AllTheWeb they estimated that of the 30 million servers world wide they have blackelisted about 20 million for spamming! If you happen to be hosted by one of these servers as a shared server you will never get listed on their search engine.

Each search engine requires a different set of rules based on their search algorithm and is the responsibility of the web developer to keep up with the changes. Several of the major search engines are Google, AltaVista, HotBot, Excite, Inktomi, Fast/AllTheWeb, WebCrawler, Lycos.

It is important to understand that the submission services do not construct and optimization your web page

Register your site with a search engine is usually the last procedure while deploying a web site. If you intend to use the internet as a marketing tool then a simple internet presence may not do the trick. To successful implement a internet marketing campaign you must construct and optimization your web site to be listed at the top of major seach engines such as Google. For example, to register your page with the Google search engine locate their URL register page and enter your home page address such as www.myCompany.com. You will discover that a lot of companies will automate the process of registering your home page to hundreds of search engines for a fee. I prefer to do this myself because the registration process is free allowing me to save on expense and overhead and besides, there is really only about a few dozen major search engines that are efficient.

It is important to understand that the submission services do not construct and optimization your web page, in some case they are actually penalized by offering you a lower ranking because they do massive submission -overloading their servers. Most of the time is a marketing scheme to collect your email address to sell to another vendor who in turn will flood your e-mail box.


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