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Mail Support for Windows Express

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If you are already familiar with setting up accounts using a mail client the following information is all you need.

Incomming POP3: mail.jm-solutions.com
Outgoing SMTP: your assigned UserID
Account Name: Your complete e-mail address such as myName@myDomain.com
Password: *********
My server requires Authentication: Yes
  Use same setting as my incomming mail server: Yes

NOTE: Our mail server requires SMTP Authentication to be selected. By selecting this option ensures that our mail server has greater security protection from spammers and hackers trying to break in. The authentication support will automatically send your userid and encrypted password to our mail server to ensure that you are who you say you are, if your not then the sending of the mail will be rejected.

If this is your first time setting up an mail client you may review the following pictorial for setting up your account using - Windows Express.

1. Start MS Outlook Express and select Tools-->Accounts.

2. Select the Mail tab.

3. Select Add... to add a new e-mail account

4. Select Mail... to add a new Mail account

Website Design JM Solutions  Outlook Express 

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