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Recruiting Agencies Mschievous Activity Exposed



First and foremost we need a list of client's to contact. There are several methods to obtain this list. We can use the Google Search or read the newspaper or magazines for potential companies.

At this point it does not matter if the company is not in position to hire, we simply want to build a list of companies that have a requirement for our services. Basically, we are creating a list to help establish a future network of contact names.

The hidden secret agencies dont want you to know about, yes companies still use the newspaper. However, companies are hounded daily by the agencies. Because of this, they will not post their phone numbers or e-mail. More than likely they will request your resume by fax or snail mail.

Amateurs Resume
Simply do a Google Search for an amateurs resume. They usually place the names of all companies they worked. Enter several keywords associated with your profession. It is very important that your selected keywords are associated with a resume, You want to eliminate all unessential data otherwise you will retrieve to much information to sift through. Most chronicle resumes contains several sections such as Objective, Experience and Education. Include those keywords along with the profession. For example, to display resumes of CPA's on the Google Search simply enter the keywords "CPA Experience Education".

Another great source of information for company names especially the IT sector is the magazine's. Check out the product reviews, index and advertisements. Here you will find the company name, phone number and a description of what they do!

Your Old Class Mates
Check out your old class mates at Classmates.com. Classmates They may know some leads or better yet they may be in position to hire you!

Dont forget to brows the Workplace Directory. A list of employee names will be revealed if you enter a company name WorkPlace/My Companies

Now that we have company names we must move on to establish direct contact.

Establishing Contacts

Our friends in the trade profession, plumbers and electrician, can easily target the millions of household who will always need their services, programmers are not as fortunate. Not all households require a software developer. The marketing campaign must be directed towards business that present a high probability requiring our services. A possible choice may be

  • New Start-Up Business

  • Companies Paying First Quarterly Tax

We may even filter this down to meet our specific services. For example if you are a web developer you may target the above companies that do not have a registered company domain name.

Whois will display the Registrant, Domain Name/Servers but most important the Administrative Contact and Technical Contact

New Business
When you apply at the court house to start a new business such as dba, corp, inc. the information is captured and logged in a database file. The information is available for publication. A local publication company will capitalize on this by providing the information to the general public, for a fee. Where im located the information is printed daily in a newspaper called "Daily Court Review" found at my local book store for $1.25. They list all new business for the prior day. Information includes -Company Name, Address, City and State. I use this information to send out postcards of my services explaining how I can help them create a web presence for their new business. Before I do this I check the company name in the WHOIS to see if they already have a domain name established. If the company name is not registered I send a postcard informing them their name is available as a domain name.

Quarterly Tax
Additional information related to tax payment is also logged at the court house and available to the general public. Companies that pay their FIRST quarterly tax is published by the same publication that prints the new business information. Company's paying quarterly tax for their employees mayhave shown business success for at least the first start up quarter. Basically, these companies are new, have employees and are making payments. I target these companies in my marketing campaign the same as I target new business.

What's my name?
It will be to our advantage if we know a direct contact when we call the company. We do not want to talk to the receptionist or the Human Resource department. They are basically a filter mechanism we should avoid at all cost. We need to go straight to the hiring manager or another employee like ourselves. However, we can use the receptionist to our advantage, read on.

Whois Search Lookup
This is one of my favorite. If you have the company Web Site address, IP or email simply do a Whois search on the address. Search Whois will display the Registrant, Domain Name/Servers but most important the Administrative Contact and Technical Contact. This is a powerful feature for locating contact names in the IT sector. You will receive in addition to the Administrative Contact, the persons phone number and e-mail! I suspect Microsoft already discovered this trick.

A sample for the catalog company Miles Kimball is shown below

Miles Kimball Company (MILESKIMBALL-DOM)
   41 W. 8th street
   Oshkosh, WI 54906

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Schneider, Gregory  (GS367)		gschneider@MILESKIMBALL.COM  
      Miles Kimball
      41 W 8th Avenue
      Oshkosh, WI 54906

   Record expires on 11-Nov-2002.
   Record created on 10-Nov-1995.
   Database last updated on 17-Jun-2002 00:48:23 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


A few companies prefer to remain silent by displaying the company name as the Administrative Contact and Technical Contact. The Administrative Contact is the person who pays the bills, the Technical Contact maintains the domain name. In a few situations the company may hire an outside vendor to handle the technical maintenance of the domain name. To check this simply compare the domain e-mail address for the Technical Contact against the company's domain name. If the domains are different the contact may be an outside vendor.

Find a contact name yourself, enter a company's web page (without the www) and press [Whois].

Company's Web Page www.

What is your Company's Web Site URL?
If your looking for a position within the IT department call the company and speak to the receptionist. Ask for the company's Web Site address. If the receptionist does not know she will connect you to the company's IT department who does!

Search A few web sites usually post the names of their CEO and board of directors. Depending on the organizational structure of the company they may allow the posting of each department's manager's name!

Another trick is to go to the company's home page and look for their Client List. For example, lets say you are a programmer with experience in manufacturing using the PRISM software. Simply go to the manufacture of the software and review their client list. Then do a Whois on the company's URL to get a contact name.

Sell Yourself

To sell yourself is NOT to show that your currently unemployed and seeking desperate help. Sales You sell yourself by demonstrating that you can help the company. To do this you need to obtain information about the company's business operations and procedures. The company's web site is a good source of information but is only an introduction. To get the complete details we will return to the Google Search. Search for resumes as before but this time include the company's name.

The following example will search for amateur resumes with work experience at Sysco Foods using
Google's Advance search query .

Find Messages

with all of the words


with at least one of the words

Objective Experience Resume

Study the resume for possible detail job description the employee performed that match your expertise.

When I call the managers I try not to ask for help but ask if I can help them.
Sample Script:

"Im yourname marketing myself direct as a programmer with business name
I am calling to find out if there is anything you need help with for your department.
Your department can save 30-50% by avoiding the agency's mark up fee…"
"Im yourname marketing myself direct as a programmer with business name
Is there anything you need help with for your department Your department can save 30-50% by avoiding the agency's mark up fee…"

NOTE: Do NOT talk about yourself, use very little 'I' and 'me', use a lot of 'you' and 'yours'
I, Me, My

It will become discouraging when they say "Sorry, we have all the help we need…". Always remember a good manager will be interested how he/she can save 30-50 percent. They should ask for more information, and at least take down your business phone for future reference. The arrogant manager will foolishly pass you up only to later call an agency and pay the mark-up fee.

Also remember your both in the same profession. Its not like your selling magazine such as "Better Homes and Garden" to the IT manager, your offering to help their department and at the same time to save money. -Any good manager would welcome and appreciate such offer.


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