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Recruiting Agencies Mschievous Activity Exposed



When recruiting agencies ponders the thought of job opportunities the amateurs imagination conjures up thoughts of pure euphoria, peace and tranquility. They close their eyes and soon feel a sense of relaxation and complete safety. However, for the professional, this represents an elusive opportunity bloated and manipulated by the firm.

   ...agencies receive massive junk resume from amateurs   

Recruiting agencies, who are they? When you search the job boards very seldom do they reveal their contact name, if they do dont be surprise if its an alias name. However, they want you to send them a copy of your chronicle resume exposing company names and the company's business procedures and projects. In addition, the agency will post a brief description of the job requirements and expect you to send your resume for a job you know little about! The result, agencies receive massive junk resume from amateurs.


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