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Recruiting Agencies Mschievous Activity Exposed

Famous Quotes from Headhunters - Did they Really Say That!


A few quotes from real headhunters and response from both amateur and professional that continue today on a daily basis. The attitudes and response from most programmers display a serious flaw and a lack of true understanding of the professional services provided by the contract programmers.

Please keep in mind a professional contractor will not use a recruiting firm to locate clients - professional advertise, market and sell themselves.

What's your Rate?

Recruiter: "My client has an opening here in Jacksonville for a program developer. What is your Rate?" - KForce

"I guess whatever the going rate is, what do you thing they will pay?"

Professional: "I can NOT quote a rate based on the info you provided."
Lets look at this from a different angle. If I were to ask you how much you would be willing to pay me for a dark blue Chevy truck located in the Heart of Texas, what would you say? ...I need more information, partner!"

As a professional I will have to talk to the manager involved with the project to determine the full details and requirements. I need to know such things as:
  • Projected hours and Deadline
  • Review Assessment
  • Available Tools
  • Number of Programmers Assigned to the Task

Our Rate

Recruiter: "…the client said the rate is based on experience, so I will need you to sign my consent form so that I can submit your resume"
Amateur: "OK!, where do I sign!"
Professional: "Sorry, but I determine my own rate -NOT the client. If the client is allowed to set my rate I would be working for free."
When was the last time you called a lawyer, plumber, electrician, roofer or mechanic and said I will pay you what I believe your worth based on your experience!

Give Me Your Client List!

Recruiter: "Send me your updated resume along with 4 professional references, their titles & contact info (we prefer 2 supervisors and 2 co-workers)". - Computer Careers
Amateur: "OK!, is four reference enough!"
Professional: "Sorry, my client list is NOT available but only to the hiring manager"
Remember, the agency is your competitor. Do you really want to give away your client list detailing, from your resume, the clients past projects, requirements, department size, needs… of course not. You may want to ask the recruiter for their client list of names and phone numbers! (they will laugh at you) You may even want to charge the agency a small fee for your client list, after all, they pay Monster and Dice an elusive fee to retrieve client list off the amateur's resume.

Additional reasons agencies demand your client list The Contract Employee's Handbook
  • Market candidates to references.
  • Solicit job orders from references.
  • Solicit from references the names of co-workers, colleagues, and contractors.
  • Solicit business leads from references.
  • Attempt to recruit references.
  • Transfer or copy reference information to a location outside your own file.
  • Make reference information available to others not specifically engaged in placing you with an end user.
Lets get real here folks, if the recruiter has a real job opportunity they will not risk losing you as a potential candidate by demanding you to turn over your personel client list. After all, the recruiter wants to make a commision by presenting you. On the other hand, if the position is a phantom job opening the recruiter has nothing to lose by demanding you to surrender you client list.

Where Have You Been?

Recruiter: "Please describe your job hunting efforts to date. Please list any interviews pending or completed, offers extended, other resources such as recruiters and Internet services you are using".
- Computer Careers.
Amateur: "I am applying for the opening at company XYZ and also at ..."
Professional: "Sorry, the contract position with my new client is currently under review and is confdential."
Again folks, remember, the agency is your competitor. Do you really want to give away your prospective NEW client list! The competition for client list is fierce. If you reveal the list to your competitor, they will act aggressively to steal the client from you by establishing direct contact to place a candidate as quickly as possibly.


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