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AS/400 HTTP Server



The IBM AS/400 system is described by many as an out dated platform - a legacy system for the past ten years. But like the energizer bunny it keeps going and going...Regardless, the AS/400 iSeries is considered to be most secured platform available in the world for regular business functionality and operating as an HTTP Server. I will describe in single pages the requirements to establish the AS/400 as a Server. I will keep it short and simple, I will not go into the detail requirements. Better yet and more importantly I will guide you to all the required links to supporting material. The configuration procedures are no more complicated compared to the text base Apache or IIS.

The developer should understands the AS/400 file structure with respect to the Relational Data Base Management System (RDMS). A successful deployment requires a detail understanding of the Business rules of the corporations data base. If information is retrieved and updated for the customer and the world to see the data better be correct!

The developer should be aware that business rules and process can be hidden from the surface and logic of the programs. For example

  • Triggers, excellent place to hide business rules. Revealing the triggers will expose the encapsulated rules based on file maintenance.

  • Logical Files, More hidden rules. Logical files contain select/omit rules.

  • OPNQRY, More select/omit rules.

  • REFERP Yes, they may have select/omit rules.

  • Join Files Several files combined based on more business rules.

Lets not forget the programs containing more business rules - RPG, RPG IV ILE, CLP, Cobol, C, SQL, CopyBooks... The list goes on like the energizer bunny... Before we display to the world ensure you have an understanding of where the data is coming from and going. We may not want to accept orders from a customer that is expired or delinquent on past payments! (this may be a good time to inform the customers of their status) In addition, we should treat our customers right. Who knows the next customer may have a predefine discount rate plane based on prior outstanding credit.

Creating a web base application on the AS/400 is simply another method of defining the front end for Input/Output. To complete the full life cycle development we must generate a menu driven system to generate spool files, display subfile inquires, allow file maintenance, end of month reporting, statistic.


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