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AS/400 Software Development

AS/400 Software development using RPG IV ILE. Methodologies include specializing in relational data base design and full program life cycle development for various business models. Modular design approach includes using ILE service programs and binding by reference.

RPG IV used as the primary language on all job location for new development and maintenance. Knowledge of RPG IV includes the basic concepts of the program cycle, level indicators, matching records to the new advance API's, built-in functions, bound procedures and prototyped procedures/programs.

Involved the use of Service Programs and Exported Sub-Procedures and many other ILE methodologies. ILE is used primarily at the client location to manage program flow and the sharing of resource between object. ILE was also used to develop cgi programs that made use of application program interfaces (APIs).

Used as a primary language in addition to RPG for all clients. Usage of the language range from calling, submitting, and implemented as the primary interface to the operating system rather than RPG. CL commands are used singly in batch and interactive job environment. To develop menus and as a means of displaying system messages to the user when required.

Knowledge of the SQL family, STRSQL, WRKQMQRY, OPNQRY and em-bedded SQL for RPG is demonstrated as a debug tool, stored procedure, data filter and report application when appropriate for project for all clients.

Implemented as a standard navigation help facility on the AS/400. Used as a documentation tool and help navigation guide

Although not a language is described in this section. Data Description Specifications is traditional means of describing data attributes for both screen and print layout. Complete knowledge of the data set is expressed for all clients used for both screen and printer file specifications.


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