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Save by Hiring Direct


When a company is looking for a service to be performed they usualy contact a recruiting firm or agency to provide the service. What the company fails to understand is the conflict of interest involved while doing busines with the firm. The main objective for the agency is to provide the product at the higestest possible rate while purchasing the product at the lowest rate. The conflict of interest begins when the firm instruct both parties not to discuse the bill rate while at the same time refuesing to reveal the full bill rate for the candidate.

These procedure carried out by the agencies demonstrates a potential conflict of interest between both parties, the client and the contractor. By hiring direct, conflict of interest is removed along with a substantially savings in a relaxed and trusted environment.
To be competitive in today's economy, companies need to be cost efficient and avoid potential conflict of interest.

Billing Procedures


My billing procedure is very simple, I can use a W-2 or 1099 direct as JM Solutions dba, with my federal tax#. In addition, I will accept contract with an agency you normally do business with providing the FULL bill rate is disclosed and rate is acceptable between you and myself.

What I have to offer DIRECT is my wholesale rate with zero conflict of interest.

Rate Structure

My bill rate is NOT structured according to complexity, project requirements or how much you have budget for a project. I use a flat fee regardless of the projected time frame or if the requirements are custom development, upgrades/conversions or client/server development. In addition, contract to hire is a negotiable option.

Third Party Recruiters

Third party recruiting agencies welcome providing they read and agree to the Contractors Bill of Rights.


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