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DB2/400 Data Base Administrator

Data Base Administrator

Provide services and solutions for system data base administration on the AS/400 platform.

For a major food distributor I developed and maintained standards for the company's business rules and procedure. Created several utilities / components to help the data base administrator (myself and in-house employee) and to provide feed-back for tech-support to make informative decision based on information provided by the utilities. In addition, several time consuming DBA task have been automated and can be accomplished in minimal amount of time.

Responsibility include defining the requirements to modify the Data Bases structures, such as requirements to introduce a new field to a data base or changes to the fields attributes. Special attention is directed towards the PF, LF, Journals, Program File Associations, Copy-Books, Join Files, DDM and the Reference File.

Prior to deployment challenges would be made to identify errors or the omission of company's business rules or procedures. Several tools implemented to help with a successful deployment include Turnover and the DB2/400 File Management Utility.

All modifications are documented through Turnover Change Management. In addition, several utilities were created to expand on Turnovers concepts, such as internal status reports for successful or failed deployment of objects spanned across several dozen AS/400's.

Services consist of management of data base files on the AS400.

  • Work flow included changing and creating physical and logical files as well as DDM and join files.

  • Implement design, creation and maintenance for physical and logical files and all field level attributes defined in the reference file.

  • Normalization to the second or third form was standard.

  • Journaling and triggers employed for specific files, heavy updates, to allow COMMIT, ROLLBACK or audit trail operations.

  • Multiply members for both physical and logical files used for various applications, such as yearly or monthly transactions.

The DB2/400 File Management Utility, pdf format, and components described were developed myself while working as a DB2/400 DBA on the AS/400. The program modules are currently used to enhance data integrity, control, and to provide better user support for the on-going operations within the DBA department.


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